Summary of Euan Semple's keynote at CongresIntranet 2013

By Bas Zurburg at 19. March 2013 16:38 in intranet


After the kickoff by Samuel Driessen (@driessen) the first keynote was from Euan Semple (@euan)

The Future Proof Intranet, business as usual?

- Euan was inspired by what employees were doing in the evenings on the internet on bulletin boards.

- Spent £200 on a bulletin board for 25.000 people

- Bring outside tools into the organisation

- But worries about facebook in the organisation (because you don't own the content)

- How can you be a thought leader when nobody knows what you think?

- Microblogging in the intranet filters the internet for relevant information

- Blogs can make long (political) documents accessible by summarizing the essential points

- Too much structure in online communication tools does not help you find things

- Organizing your online platform too much will NOT encourage employees to talk about certain things

- Allow it to organize itself. People will be able to navigate, to find there way

- Fight entropy (A measure of the disorder or randomness in a closed system) by investing energy and love into your system

- If the party is in the kitchen, don't push people to go into the lounge

- No point being 2.0 outside the firewall if you are not even 1.0 inside

- What adoption strategies work? "Small steps smartly made. In other works: Trojan Mice"


All the presentations of the conference will be made available at:


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